STATIC security patrols

Our professional static security guards provide the best security solutions after analyzing and examining risk assessments at a client’s location. 


We bring manpower to a dedicated place. Our security professionals and management team work 24/7 to ensure your equipment, access points, property, and staff members will remain unharmed. If you need security personnel on-site, we’re your team. Static guarding services block associated risks regardless of size, location, or how dangerous business operations are at a workspace or property


Our security guards will watch and protect your property, building, offices, staff, and assets around the clock every day of the year. If your business is located in a more sensitive location, or the nature of your business is delicate, count on us to keep it safe. 

Our security staff is trained and equipped to perform essential security functions. We assess the experiences and qualifications of our team to perfectly match them with requirements sent by customers. Many of our clients opt to have the same security personnel all the time.